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“ Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.” – John Dewey

In NVM children learn through exploration and experimentation with a plethora of extra - curricular activities, the students gain optimum exposure and acquire confidence. We are focused to achieve our aim by providing an exemplary infrastructure to work upon a child’s physical, mental and artistic faculties.

The firm foundation which is provided to every child transforms him into a successful child with a sense of personal fulfillment, our ideas of holistic education provide conscious development of instincts, broadening and profoundness of emotions, blossoming of intelligences and liberating perspective of universal awareness. We have taken up the intricate challenging task of nurturing and grooming students into responsible, thoughtful, enterprising citizens being fully aware of the ethical principles, moral values and aesthetics.

It is indeed a matter of great pride for me to be a part of this institution . On behalf of NVM Vasundhara I would like to welcome you into this new and exciting place. I invite you to write your own story and decorate your canvas with experiences and the most enduring learning.

May your NVM days shine in the light of the blessings of your parents, teachers and all around you.I solicit your cooperation and coordination in realizing your goals.



"To provide a high quality comprehensive and meaningful education for all students. Each student will be expected to succeed within the bounds of their abilities and chosen educational goals. Each student will be treated as an individual, given the tools to be a lifelong learner and taught to function as a productive member of society".


"By 2019, the school will inculcate in students, the virtues of basic communication skills, amiable manners and etiquettes, besides  academic excellence, equipping them for tomorrow’s world". 

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